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Lift Your Spirits With Our Unmissable Mood Mugs – Come Rain or Shine!

May 29, 2015 2 min read

It’s nearly June! Which means it’s nearly officially summer! Which means it’s set to rain all weekend here in the UK!

…Oh. Darn.

Well, when you live in Blighty, you soon get used to the idea that the weather is unpredictable at best – meaning that you can enjoy a scorching barbeque in late autumn, spring-like showers in winter and even a cosy weekend in by the fire during the height of summer.

We don’t know about you, but May was pretty busy for us (what with bank holiday festivities and all); and with the weather set to turn nasty, a chilled-out weekend might be just the ticket right about now. And what would a chilled weekend be without a nice cuppa? Fortunately, whatever your preference might be – a steaming Earl Grey, a strong builder’s tea, a lovely latte or even a heavenly hot choc – and whatever mood you’re in, we’ve got a mug to suit…

Introducing our ever-popular Mood Mugs: a collection that mingles fun with function (and plenty of style).

Like everything in THABTO’s collection of home accessories, our mugs have been carefully designed for life. THABTO's range of Mood Mugs are all hand made from high-quality, foodsafe porcelain, and include a ‘double wall’; this handy feature increases insulation, meaning that whilst your drink remains piping hot, the outside of the mug is cool to the touch. Scalded hands (and - as a result - spilt drinks) will be a thing of the past!

Thanks to the clever design, handles are not necessary, creating a streamlined, modern appearance. And, best of all, there are five funky options to choose from – we know people who have made it their business to collect them all (we heartily approve):


Happy as Larry. 

A smiley little sucker that is sure to brighten your day.

 Seriously Sleepy.

A dozy dreamboat that would be perfect for that night-time cup of cocoa.

Monstrously Moody.

A piece of porcelain that takes no prisoners: the imbibing equivalent of a ‘do not disturb’ sign, if you will.

Cheeky Chappie. 

A flirty flagon that is sure to entice friends (and maybe even strangers!) to chink cups with you.

Severely Stressed.

A comical cup with a tense twist. Simply superb for chugging caffeine-heavy drinks when pressure is mounting.

Within our emotional collection there is a mug for every occasion; so whether you fancy ordering all five or whether you'd prefer to pick a firm favourite, what are you waiting for? Get the kettle on and get ordering!

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