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Four Unique Gifts for Father’s Day (and a Cheeky 10% Off!)

June 19, 2015 2 min read

You may have a busy weekend coming up, but if you do, don’t forget to spare a thought for dear ol’ Dad – it’s Father’s Day on 21st June!

It may surprise you to know that Father’s Day is a fairly new holiday; Mothering Sunday, by contrast, has been around since the sixteenth century, when church-goers would return to their ‘mother church’ (the most established local church or cathedral) on Laetare Sunday. The practice evolved into the secular ritual that we all know and love today: a day of treats and gifts for marvellous mums everywhere.

Father’s Day developed as a response to this tradition – a celebration of fatherhood to complement the established celebration of motherhood - but not until the 20th Century. Indeed, the first recorded celebration of Father’s Day was in 1908 in Fairmont, Virginia.

So, there you go - a bit of history for you to impress your pops with on Sunday (and even more of a reason to give him a grand old time – after all, fathers haven’t had their own day for very long…).

Though if you’re panicking about what to get, never fear: we’ve got some great gift ideas for you!

For a footie-fanatic father:  our award-winning Subbuteo range.

When it comes to brilliant bottle openers or stylish salt and pepper grinders, you’d be hard-pressed to beat our officially-licenced Subbuteo collection.

With a design inspired by the original 1960s Subbuteo figurine, our range will ensure that your dad can constantly celebrate the ‘beautiful game’ in a fun yet functional way  - whether he’s grinding up some seasoning with THABTO’s team of soccer-playing salt and pepper shakers or shooting the cap off a half-time beverage with our acclaimed solid metal bottle opener (multiple winner of the ‘Gift of the Year’ award).

 For a pop who loves a powerful caffeine punch: a Knuckle-Duster Mug.

These gifts really put the ‘POW’ in porcelain – that Sunday morning cup of coffee will seem more exciting than ever! But whilst our Knuckle Duster Mugs look fantastic, they’re also made from high-quality, food-safe porcelain: Dad’s tea has never had it so good…

For a car-mad dad: a Buckle Up Key Holder.

This truly unique gift is ideal for anyone who is a car fan (or perhaps just a bit forgetful with his/her keys!). Made from a real car seat belt buckle, the key holder allows you to ‘plug’ your keys in as soon as you return to your home; there they’ll sit, snug and secure, until it’s time to leave again – at which point you press the whizzy red button and hey, presto!

Finally, to complete our celebration of fabulous fathers the world over, we’re offering 10% off orders of unique gifts (those featured here and any other product in the THABTO online store) – just enter the code BESTDAD at checkout and enjoy!

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