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New Designers 2015 - Top Picks

July 14, 2015 2 min read

We took a day out of the studio and headed over to London's Business Design Centre to check out some of Britain's best design graduates at New Designers 2015.

Here are some of our favourite finds:

THABTO at New Designers Business Design Centre London

Newbees by Lisa Hornsey

This clever flat-packed beehive concept makes becoming a beekeeper affordable and easy.

The kit comes with everything you need to start, even the bee-suit. We love the use of yellow zip ties. And the name of course - We love a good name!

Newbees Beehive - Bee Keeper Starter Kit Flatpack Design


Chaos by Juwon Seo

Chaos is a simple wall storage solution for small living spaces. Elastic & ply.

Clever wooden notice boards


Roam by Harry Hughes

This great concept aims put an end to paper receipts by bringing all your receipts and bills together into one online platform.  When you go into store, simply touch your contactless Roam card on a reader and the receipt gets filed into your online account instantly.

Harry also designed some beautiful packaging and leather wallets for the Roam card.

Roam Contactless Receipt and Bill Filing System and leather wallet

Roam Wallet Packaging


Hidden Values by Dave Freeman

This project caught our attention because we often discuss how adding value to objects increases a user's emotional connection with a product, and so increasing it's longevity.

Dave made a range of tweaks to the humble Bic Biro, exploring how each change modified the users perception of the pen. These included modifying the materials - replacing some or all of the plastic with metal, adding the ability to personalise the pen creating ownership, and even adding a mileage calculator so the user can monitor the distance they've written.

Bic Biro Metal Design

Bic Biro Pen with mile markings and personalisation


Bottle Buoy by James Benson

This simple three way screw cap turns three empty drinks bottles into a low-cost lifesaving Buoy.

"Each year 372,000 people drown with 90% of these deaths occurring in low/middle income countries due to children not being taught to swim. In these countries, the monetary cost of water safety infrastructure is too high; this combined with poor swimming ability is a major factor."

Designed to support local manufacture, this ‚ā¨1 product could save many lives.

Bottle Buoy Life Saving Low Cost Buoy design

Clothes House by Thomas Lawrence

This was our favourite design of the day. This clever clothes horse doubles-up as a children's play den, with cleverly designed clips allowing it to be re-configured in a number of different ways keeping both parents and children happy.

Clothes House clothes horse and play den for children

Clothes house play den washing airer

Clothes Horse kids play den

Mould Your Lampshades by Belita Blake

We were initially drawn to these beautiful lampshades because we loved the over-accentuated mould lines. Belita's product however is not the lampshades themselves, instead a kit for making the shade so each item is unique to the creator.

Mould your own lampshade creating unique designs


LEGO Duplo Connect by Hwajung Son

Being designers, we loved Lego as children (and still do, of course) so when we saw this it instantly grabbed our attention.

This clever design adds a whole new dimension to Lego; when certain blocks are connected, it completes a circuit illuminating lights or making sounds.

LEGO Duplo Connect by Hwajung Son with lights and sound

LEGO Duplo Connect by Hwajung Son clever Lego circuit design


Hardpanel by Tom Davies

A discreet cap insert designed for skaters who don't want to wear bulky helmets.

Produced from impact-resistant ABS and Polycarbonate, this great peice of product design reduces the risk of serious head injury.

Hardpanel by Tom Davies discreet skaters helmet design


Other designs we loved...


Beautiful ply wood drawers

Concrete stool design and round glass tables with elastic at New Designers

Amazing print and graphic design at New Designers 2015


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