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A three-day weekend approaches, and whilst the weather might not be looking particularly inviting (boo!), there’s no reason that you can’t bring a hint of spring inside with a beautiful bunch of flowers or two.

Whether you are treating yourself or hoping to receive a bouquet from that special someone, you will need a receptacle worthy of those beautiful blooms. Enter our Mobi Whale Vase: a gorgeously unique decoration crafted from high-quality porcelain.

Mobi – as the name might suggest – is shaped like a whale, in two parts: the domed ‘body’ (in which the stems of your flowers would sit) and a cheeky little ‘fin-shaped’ finishing piece. When filled with flowers, it will appear as though Mobi is blowing a graceful plume of colourful water from his blow hole. The result is a playful yet perfectly contemporary vase.

Available in two colours – black and white – and measuring 250mm x 60mm x 115mm (body), with a tail that is 85mm x 50mm x 160mm, this piece would make an ideal present – it even comes in a lovely gift box. And all for just £30; we know we’re biased, but we think that’s rather a bargain…

Speaking of bargains: don’t forget that if you spend over £30 you qualify for free delivery, and orders over £20 also qualify for a free Wonkey! All the more reason to treat yourself- or your loved ones – in celebration of the bank holiday.

If you would like more information about the Mobi Whale Vase or any of our fabulous home accessories please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly advisers are on hand between the hours of 09:30 and 18:30 on weekdays; though please note that we will be closed from 18:30 on Friday 1st May for the bank holiday weekend. Our phone lines will open as normal from 09:30 on Tuesday 5th May.

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Refresh Your Kitchen Accessories in 5 Steps

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We’re heading into a new season (technically we’re already there, but we like to be relaxed about these things – it’s not spring until it’s sunny, right?) and with that comes an almost inevitable urge to refresh your interiors.

But giving your kitchen a spring spruce doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming – it’s actually really easy to revamp your look without breaking the bank. Here are a few of our top tips:

1. Choose a few key pieces. You don’t have to go mad with your cookware fund, but investing in a few staples will improve both the function and form of your kitchen. Indigo and bronze tones are set to be huge this year, so we’d recommend choosing a copper pan or two and some pretty blue crockery (or even glassware) to set it all off. Imagine how great these would look on your kitchen counter!

Courtesy of House to Home

2. Open up your storage. This brings us nicely onto our next handy hint: bringing your insides out – or, in other words, making the most of open storage. Not only does open storage bring that homey, loft-style feel to your space, but it also allows you to show off your finest wares (a perfect excuse to display those blue kitchen accessories and copper pots you’ve just snagged). Put up some chunky shelves or purchase some open-ended cabinetry and style accordingly.

Courtesy of Lonny

3.  Peg life. Utility rails and hanging storage are not only brilliant for making the most of unused space, but they can also make attractive features. Our fabulous Jpegs would be an ideal addition to your kitchen; position above your sink or cooker and keep those vital implements within easy reach.

4. Bring out your arty side. The idea of hanging art within the kitchen has been woefully overlooked, in our opinion – what better place for it? The kitchen is no longer simply a place for food prep: it’s the ideal gathering or meeting point; a place in which to relax with friends and family; a place in which you can enjoy a few drinks while you cook or linger over coffee. An eye-catching piece of art would breathe new life into your room; or, if you’re so inclined, put up a blackboard and doodle away yourself.

Courtesy of House to Home

5. Finishing touches. Your kitchen should reflect your personality, so go wild! We love quirky finishing touches as these items can really change the overall aesthetic – and there’s no reason to eschew prettiness for practicality. Unique kitchen accessories like our ’Taste Explosion’ salt and pepper shakers or ’Tom, Dick & Harry’ kitchen storage jars will bring real character (whilst being very handy for giving dishes an extra kick or brewing a dynamite cuppa).


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