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WALLET DIVIDER™ | Turns 1 pocket into 4.


Using Tyvek, an ultra-thin and resilient material, we’ve designed a stylish, hand-stitched insert that will transform the main pocket of your wallet into four separate sections.

Ideal for filing cash, receipts and different kinds of currency, or separating business from personal expenses.

The THABTO Wallet Divider - a clever, sophisticated organiser that will enhance your favourite wallet.

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Wallet Divider by THABTO turns 1 pocket into 4

Features + Benefits

Instantly transforms the main pocket of your wallet into 4 tabbed sections

Splits cash, receipts and currency, keeping your wallet organised

Separates business and personal expenses

Ideal for organising travel money - Will fit every currency

Ultra-thin and lightweight - It won't bulk out your wallet

Durable, rip-resistant material
Wallet Divider separates cash, receipt and currency


 Wallet Divider the wallet organizer insert by THABTO



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